@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12285,
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	  abstract     = {The usefulness of weaning foods to meet the nutrient
needs of children is well recognized, and most of them are precooked
roller dried mixtures of cereal and/or legume flours which posses a
high viscosity and bulk when reconstituted. The objective of this study
was to formulate composite weaning foods using cereals, malted
legumes and vegetable powders and analyze them for nutrients,
functional properties and sensory attributes. Selected legumes (green
gram and lentil) were germinated, dried and dehulled. Roasted wheat,
rice, carrot powder and skim milk powder also were used. All the
ingredients were mixed in different proportions to get four
formulations, made into 30% slurry and dried in roller drier. The
products were analyzed for proximate principles, mineral content,
functional and sensory qualities. The results of analysis showed
following range of constituents per 100g of formulations on dry
weight basis, protein, 18.1-18.9 g ; fat, 0.78-1.36 g ; iron, 5.09-6.53
mg; calcium, 265-310 mg. The lowest water absorption capacity was
in case of wheat green gram based and the highest was in rice lentil
based sample. Overall sensory qualities of all foods were graded as
“good" and “very good" with no significant differences. The results
confirm that formulated weaning foods were nutritionally superior,
functionally appropriate and organoleptically acceptable.},
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