@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12248,
	  title     = {Use of Vegetation and Geo-Jute in Erosion Control of Slopes in a Sub-Tropical Climate},
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	  abstract     = {Protection of slope and embankment from erosion has
become an important issue in Bangladesh. The constructions of
strong structures require large capital, integrated designing, high
maintenance cost. Strong structure methods have negative impact on
the environment and sometimes not function for the design period.
Plantation of vetiver system along the slopes is an alternative
solution. Vetiver not only serves the purpose of slope protection but
also adds green environment reducing pollution. Vetiver is available
in almost all the districts of Bangladesh. This paper presents the
application of vetiver system with geo-jute, for slope protection and
erosion control of embankments and slopes. In-situ shear tests have
been conducted on vetiver rooted soil system to find the shear
strength. The shear strength and effective soil cohesion of vetiver
rooted soil matrix are respectively 2.0 times and 2.1 times higher than
that of the bared soil. Similar trends have been found in direct shear
tests conducted on laboratory reconstituted samples. Field trials have
been conducted in road embankment and slope protection with
vetiver at different sites. During the time of vetiver root growth the
soil protection has been accomplished by geo-jute. As the geo-jute
degrades with time, vetiver roots grow and take over the function of
geo-jutes. Slope stability analyses showed that vegetation increase
the factor of safety significantly.},
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