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	  title     = {The Relationship between Internal Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Commitment within the Banking Sector in Jordan},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This study attempts to investigate the relationship
between internal CSR practices and organizational commitment
based on the social exchange theory (SET). Specifically, we examine
the impact of five dimensions of internal CSR practices on
organizational commitment: health and safety, human rights, training
and education, work life balance and workplace diversity. The
proposed model was tested on a sample of 336 frontline employees
within the banking sector in Jordan. Results showed that all internal
CSR dimensions are significantly and positively related to affective
and normative commitment. In addition, the findings of this study
indicate that all internal CSR dimensions did not have a significant
relationship with continuance commitment. Limitations of the study,
directions for future research, and implications of the findings are
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