@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12234,
	  title     = {An Empirical Study about RFID Acceptance- Focus on the Employees in Korea -},
	  author    = {Mi Sook Lee},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The number of the companies accepting RFID in Korea
has been increased continuously due to the domestic development of
information technology. The acceptance of RFID by companies in
Korea enabled them to do business with many global enterprises in a
much more efficient and effective way. According to a survey[33,
p76], many companies in Korea have used RFID for inventory or
distribution manages. But, the use of RFID in the companies in Korea
is in the early stages and its potential value hasn-t fully been realized
yet. At this time, it would be very important to investigate the factors
that affect RFID acceptance. For this study, many previous studies
were referenced and some RFID experts were interviewed. Through
the pilot test, four factors were selected - Security Trust, Employee
Knowledge, Partner Influence, Service Provider Trust - affecting
RFID acceptance and an extended technology acceptance
model(e-TAM) was presented with those factors. The proposed model
was empirically tested using data collected from employees in
companies or public enterprises. In order to analyze some
relationships between exogenous variables and four variables in TAM,
structural equation modeling(SEM) was developed and SPSS12.0 and
AMOS 7.0 were used for analyses. The results are summarized as
follows: 1) security trust perceived by employees positively
influences on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use; 2)
employee-s knowledge on RFID positively influences on only
perceived ease of use; 3) a partner-s influence for RFID acceptance
positively influences on only perceived usefulness; 4) service provider
trust very positively influences on perceived usefulness and perceived
ease of use 5) the relationships between TAM variables are the same as
the previous studies.},
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