@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1222,
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	  abstract     = {Load managing method on road became necessary
since overloaded vehicles occur damage on road facilities and existing
systems for preventing this damage still show many
problems.Accordingly, efficient managing system for preventing
overloaded vehicles could be organized by using the road itself as a
scale by applying genetic algorithm to analyze the load and the drive
information of vehicles.Therefore, this paper organized Ubiquitous
sensor network system for development of intelligent overload vehicle
regulation system, also in this study, to use the behavior of road, the
transformation was measured by installing underground box type
indoor model and indoor experiment was held using genetic algorithm.
And we examined wireless possibility of overloaded vehicle
regulation system through experiment of the transmission and
reception distance.If this system will apply to road and bridge, might
be effective for economy and convenience through establishment of
U-IT system..},
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