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	  abstract     = {This paper deals with the evaluation of flow properties
of polymeric matrix with natural animal fillers. Technical university
of Liberec cooperates on the long-term development of “green
materials“ that should replace conventionally used materials
(especially in automotive industry). Natural fibres (of animal and
plant origin) from all over the world are collected and adapted
(drying, cutting etc.) for extrusion processing. Inside the extruder
these natural additives are blended with polymeric (synthetic and
biodegradable - PLA) matrix and created compound is subsequently
cut for pellets in the wet way. These green materials with unique
recipes are then studied and their mechanical, physical and
processing properties are determined. The main goal of this research
is to develop new ecological materials very similar to unfilled
polymers. In this article the rheological behaviour of chosen natural
animal fibres is introduced considering their shape and surface that
were observed with use of SEM microscopy.},
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