@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12100,
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	  abstract     = {GSM has undoubtedly become the most widespread
cellular technology and has established itself as one of the most
promising technology in wireless communication. The next
generation of mobile telephones had also become more powerful and
innovative in a way that new services related to the user-s location
will arise. Other than the 911 requirements for emergency location
initiated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) of the
United States, GSM positioning can be highly integrated in cellular
communication technology for commercial use. However, GSM
positioning is facing many challenges. Issues like accuracy,
availability, reliability and suitable cost render the development and
implementation of GSM positioning a challenging task. In this paper,
we investigate the optimal mobile position tracking means. We
employ an innovative scheme by integrating the Kalman filter in the
localization process especially that it has great tracking
characteristics. When tracking in two dimensions, Kalman filter is
very powerful due to its reliable performance as it supports
estimation of past, present, and future states, even when performing
in unknown environments. We show that enhanced position tracking
results is achieved when implementing the Kalman filter for GSM
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