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	  abstract     = {MANEMO is the integration of Network Mobility
(NEMO) and Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET). A MANEMO
node has an interface to both a MANET and NEMO network, and
therefore should choose the optimal interface for packet delivery,
however such a handover between interfaces will introduce packet
loss. We define the steps necessary for a MANEMO handover,
using Mobile IP and NEMO to signal the new binding to the
relevant Home Agent(s). The handover steps aim to minimize the
packet loss by avoiding waiting for Duplicate Address Detection
and Neighbour Unreachability Detection. We present expressions for
handover delay and packet loss, and then use numerical examples to
evaluate a MANEMO handover. The analysis shows how the packet
loss depends on level of nesting within NEMO, the delay between
Home Agents and the load on the MANET, and hence can be used
to developing optimal MANEMO handover algorithms.},
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