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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In this paper optimal capacitor placement problem has
been formulated in a restructured distribution network. In this
scenario the distribution network operator can consider reactive
energy also as a service that can be sold to transmission system. Thus
search for optimal location, size and number of capacitor banks with
the objective of loss reduction, maximum income from selling
reactive energy to transmission system and return on investment for
capacitors, has been performed. Results is influenced with economic
value of reactive energy, therefore problem has been solved for
various amounts of it. The implemented optimization technique is
genetic algorithm. For any value of reactive power economic value,
when reverse of investment index increase and change from zero or
negative values to positive values, the threshold value of selling
reactive power has been obtained. This increasing price of economic
parameter is reasonable until the network losses is less than loss
before compensation.},
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