@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12017,
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	  abstract     = {In order to supplement the brittle property of concrete,
fibers are added into concrete mixtures. Compared to general concrete,
various characteristics such as tensile strength, bending strength,
bending toughness, and resistance to crack are superior, and even
when cracks occur, improvements on toughness as well as resistance
to shock are excellent due to the growth of fracture energy. Increased
function of steel fiber reinforced concrete can be differentiated
depending on the fiber dispersion, and sand percentage can be an
important influence on the fiber dispersion. Therefore, in this research,
experiments were planned on sand percentage in order to apprehend
the influence of sand percentage on the bending properties and direct
tension of SFRC and basic experiments were conducted on bending
and direct tension in order to recognize the properties of bending
properties and direct tension following the size of the aggregates and
sand percentage.},
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