@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12015,
	  title     = {Accurate Calculation of Free Frequencies of Beams and Rectangular Plates},
	  author    = {R .Lassoued and  M. Guenfoud},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {An accurate procedure to determine free vibrations of
beams and plates is presented.
The natural frequencies are exact solutions of governing vibration
equations witch load to a nonlinear homogeny system.
The bilinear and linear structures considered simulate a bridge.
The dynamic behavior of this one is analyzed by using the theory of
the orthotropic plate simply supported on two sides and free on the
two others. The plate can be excited by a convoy of constant or
harmonic loads. The determination of the dynamic response of the
structures considered requires knowledge of the free frequencies and
the shape modes of vibrations. Our work is in this context. Indeed,
we are interested to develop a self-consistent calculation of the Eigen
The formulation is based on the determination of the solution of
the differential equations of vibrations. The boundary conditions
corresponding to the shape modes permit to lead to a homogeneous
system. Determination of the noncommonplace solutions of this
system led to a nonlinear problem in Eigen frequencies.
We thus, develop a computer code for the determination of the
eigenvalues. It is based on a method of bisection with interpolation
whose precision reaches 10 -12. Moreover, to determine the
corresponding modes, the calculation algorithm that we develop uses
the method of Gauss with a partial optimization of the "pivots"
combined with an inverse power procedure. The Eigen frequencies
of a plate simply supported along two opposite sides while
considering the two other free sides are thus analyzed. The results
could be generalized with the case of a beam by regarding it as a
plate with low width.
We give, in this paper, some examples of treated cases. The
comparison with results presented in the literature is completely
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