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	  abstract     = {There is a variety of inconsistencies in the differences
in alcohol use and related problems between male and female
genders. This study was aimed at analyzing the gender differences in
alcohol use and related problems among university students in
Minsk, Belarus. A total of 465 male (average age of 21) and 1030
female (average age of 20.5) students from four major universities in
Minsk, Belarus were administered WHO recommended standardized
screening instruments – AUDIT, MAST, CAGE questionnaire, as
well as other alcohol related questions. The male to female ratio for
the prevalence of alcohol problems according to the AUDIT was
3.34, while the ratio for alcohol users was 0.97. There are a wide
gender differences in the pattern of alcohol use and preference for
different alcoholic beverages, cause for drinking, and other alcohol
related problems like injuries and blackouts.},
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