@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11835,
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	  abstract     = {In this note, a theoretical model for analyzing of
normal penetration of the ogive – nose projectile into metallic targets
is presented .The failure is assumed to be asymmetry petalling and
the analysis is performed by using the energy balance and work done
.The work done consist of the work required for plastic deformation
Wp, the work for transferring the matter to new position Wd and the
work for bending of the petals Wb. In several studies, it has been
shown that we can neglect the loss of energy by temperature.
In this present study, in first, by assuming the crater formation
after perforation, the value of work done is calculated during the
normal penetration of conical projectiles into thin metallic targets.
Then the value of residual velocity and ballistic limit of the projectile
is predicated by using the energy balance. In final, theoretical and
experimental results is compared.},
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