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	  author    = {Tebogo P. Phetla and  Edison Muzenda},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This study was carried out to develop a flotation
procedure for an oxide copper ore from a Region in Central Africa
for producing an 18% copper concentrate for downstream processing
at maximum recovery from a 4% copper feed grade. The copper
recoveries achieved from the test work were less than 50% despite
changes in reagent conditions (multistage sulphidisation, use of RCA
emulsion and mixture, use of AM 2, etc). The poor recoveries were
attributed to the mineralogy of the ore from which copper silicates
accounted for approximately 70% (mass) of the copper minerals in
the ore. These can be complex and difficult to float using
conventional flotation methods. Best results were obtained using
basic sulphidisation procedures, a high flotation temperature and
extended flotation residence time.},
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