@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11747,
	  title     = {Noise Depressed in a Micro Stepping Motor},
	  author    = {Bo-Wun Huang and  Jao-Hwa Kuang and  J.-G. Tseng and  Yan-De Wu},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {An investigation of noise in a micro stepping motor is
considered to study in this article. Because of the trend towards higher
precision and more and more small 3C (including Computer,
Communication and Consumer Electronics) products, the micro
stepping motor is frequently used to drive the micro system or the
other 3C products. Unfortunately, noise in a micro stepped motor is
too large to accept by the customs. To depress the noise of a micro
stepped motor, the dynamic characteristics in this system must be
studied. In this article, a Visual Basic (VB) computer program speed
controlled micro stepped motor in a digital camera is investigated.
Karman KD2300-2S non-contract eddy current displacement sensor,
probe microphone, and HP 35670A analyzer are employed to analyze
the dynamic characteristics of vibration and noise in a motor. The
vibration and noise measurement of different type of bearings and
different treatment of coils are compared. The rotating components,
bearings, coil, etc. of the motor play the important roles in producing
vibration and noise. It is found that the noise will be depressed about
3~4 dB and 6~7 dB, when substitutes the copper bearing with plastic
one and coats the motor coil with paraffin wax, respectively.},
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