@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11731,
	  title     = {Harmful Effect of Ambient Ozone on Growth and Productivity of Two Legume Crops Visia Faba, and Pisum sativum in Riyadh City, K.S.A.},
	  author    = {Ibrahim A. Al-Muhaisen and  Mohammad N. Al Ymemeni},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Ozone (O3) is considered as one of the most
phytotoxic pollutants with deleterious effects on living and non living
components of Ecosystems. It reduces growth and yield of many
crops as well as alters the physiology and crop quality. The present
study described series of experiments to investigate the effects of
ambient O3 at different locations with different ambient levels of O3
depending on proximity to pollutant source and ranged between 17
ppb/h in control experiment to 112 ppb/h in industrial area
respectively. The ambient levels in other three locations (King Saud
University botanical garden, King Fahd Rd, and Almanakh Garden)
were 61,61,77 ppb/h respectively. Tow legume crops species (vicia
vaba L ; and Pisum sativum) differ in their phenology and sensitivity
were used. The results showed a significant negative effect to ozone
on morphology, number of injured leaves, growth and productivity
with a difference in the degree of response depending on the plant
type. Visia Faba showed sensitivity to ozone to number and leaf area
and the degree of injury leaves 3, pisum sativum show higher
sensitivity for the gas for degree of injury 1,The relative growth rate
and seed weight, it turns out there is no significant difference
between the two plants in plant height and number of seeds.},
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