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	  abstract     = {Ferroresonance is an electrical phenomenon in
nonlinear character, which frequently occurs in power system due to
transmission line faults and single or more-phase switching on the
lines as well as usage of the saturable transformers. In this study, the
ferroresonance phenomena are investigated under the modeling of the
West Anatolian Electric Power Network of 380 kV in Turkey. The
ferroresonance event is observed as a result of removing the loads at
the end of the lines. In this sense, two different cases are considered.
At first, the switching is applied at 2nd second and the ferroresonance
affects are observed between 2nd and 4th seconds in the voltage
variations of the phase-R. Hence the ferroresonance and nonferroresonance
parts of the overall data are compared with each
others using the Fourier transform techniques to show the
ferroresonance affects.},
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