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	  abstract     = {The plastic forming process of sheet plate takes an
important place in forming metals. The traditional techniques of tool
design for sheet forming operations used in industry are experimental
and expensive methods. Prediction of the forming results,
determination of the punching force, blank holder forces and the
thickness distribution of the sheet metal will decrease the production
cost and time of the material to be formed. In this paper, multi-stage
deep drawing simulation of an Industrial Part has been presented
with finite element method. The entire production steps with
additional operations such as intermediate annealing and springback
has been simulated by ABAQUS software under axisymmetric
conditions. The simulation results such as sheet thickness
distribution, Punch force and residual stresses have been extracted in
any stages and sheet thickness distribution was compared with
experimental results. It was found through comparison of results, the
FE model have proven to be in close agreement with those of
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