@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11652,
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	  abstract     = {Cu-mesoporous TiO2 is developed for removal acid
odor cooperated with ozone assistance and online- regeneration
system with/without UV irradiation (all weather) in study. The results
showed that Cu-mesoporous TiO2 present the desirable adsorption
efficiency of acid odor without UV irradiation, due to the larger
surface area, pore sizeand the additional absorption ability provided by
Cu. In the photocatalysis process, the material structure also benefits
Cu-mesoporous TiO2 to perform the more outstanding efficiency on
degrading acid odor. Cu also postponed the recombination of
electron-hole pairs excited from TiO2 to enhance photodegradation
ability. Cu-mesoporous TiO2 could gain the conspicuous increase on
photocatalysis ability from ozone assistance, but without any benefit
on adsorption. In addition, the online regeneration procedure could
process the used Cu-mesoporous TiO2 to reinstate the adsorption
ability and maintain the photodegradtion performance, depended on
scrubbing, desorping acid odor and reducing Cu to metal state.},
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