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	  abstract     = {Open and distance learning is a fairly new concept in
Malawi. The major public provider, the Malawi College of Distance
Education, rolled out its activities only about 40 years ago. Over the
years, the demand for distance education has tremendously increased.
The present government has displayed positive political will to uplift
ODL as outlined in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy as
well as the National Education Sector Plan. A growing national
interest in education coupled with political stability and a booming
ICT industry also raise hope for success. However, a fragile economy
with a GNI per capita of -US$ 200 over the last decade, poor public
funding, erratic power supply and lack of expertise put strain on
efforts towards the promotion of ODL initiatives. Despite the
challenges, the nation appears determined to go flat out and explore
all possible avenues that could revolutionise education access and
equity through ODL.},
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