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	  abstract     = {LSP routing is among the prominent issues in MPLS
networks traffic engineering. The objective of this routing is to
increase number of the accepted requests while guaranteeing the
quality of service (QoS). Requested bandwidth is the most important
QoS criterion that is considered in literatures, and a various number
of heuristic algorithms have been presented with that regards. Many
of these algorithms prevent flows through bottlenecks of the network
in order to perform load balancing, which impedes optimum
operation of the network. Here, a modern routing algorithm is
proposed as MIRAD: having a little information of the network
topology, links residual bandwidth, and any knowledge of the
prospective requests it provides every request with a maximum
bandwidth as well as minimum end-to-end delay via uniform load
distribution across the network. Simulation results of the proposed
algorithm show a better efficiency in comparison with similar
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