@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11557,
	  title     = {Protein Graph Partitioning by Mutually Maximization of cycle-distributions},
	  author    = {Frank Emmert Streib},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The classification of the protein structure is commonly
not performed for the whole protein but for structural domains, i.e.,
compact functional units preserved during evolution. Hence, a first
step to a protein structure classification is the separation of the
protein into its domains. We approach the problem of protein domain
identification by proposing a novel graph theoretical algorithm. We
represent the protein structure as an undirected, unweighted and
unlabeled graph which nodes correspond the secondary structure
elements of the protein. This graph is call the protein graph. The
domains are then identified as partitions of the graph corresponding
to vertices sets obtained by the maximization of an objective function,
which mutually maximizes the cycle distributions found in the
partitions of the graph. Our algorithm does not utilize any other kind
of information besides the cycle-distribution to find the partitions. If
a partition is found, the algorithm is iteratively applied to each of
the resulting subgraphs. As stop criterion, we calculate numerically
a significance level which indicates the stability of the predicted
partition against a random rewiring of the protein graph. Hence,
our algorithm terminates automatically its iterative application. We
present results for one and two domain proteins and compare our
results with the manually assigned domains by the SCOP database
and differences are discussed.},
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