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	  abstract     = {This study evaluates the performance of horizontal
subsurface flow constructed wetland (HSSF-CW) for the removal of
chlorinated resin and fatty acids (RFAs) from pulp and paper mill
wastewater. The dimensions of the treatment system were 3.5 m x 1.5
m x 0.28 m with surface area of 5.25 m2, filled with fine sand and
gravel. The cell was planted with an ornamental plant species Canna
indica. The removal efficiency of chlorinated RFAs was in the range
of 92-96% at the hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 5.9 days. Plant
biomass and soil (sand and gravel) were analyzed for chlorinated
RFAs content. No chlorinated RFAs were detected in plant biomass
but detected in soil samples. Mass balance studies of chlorinated
RFAs in HSSF-CW were also carried out.},
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