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	  abstract     = {The influences of pulsed electric fields on early
physiological development in Arabidopsis thaliana were studied.
Inside a 4-mm electroporation cuvette, pre-germination seeds were
subjected to high-intensity, nanosecond electrical pulses generated
using laboratory-assembled pulsed electric field system. The field
strength was varied from 5 to 20 kV.cm-1 and the pulse width and the
pulse number were maintained at 10 ns and 100, respectively,
corresponding to the specific treatment energy from 300 J.kg-1 to 4.5
kJ.kg-1. Statistical analyses on the average leaf area 5 and 15 days
following pulsed electric field treatment showed that the effects
appear significant the second week after treatments with a maximum
increase of 80% compared to the control (P < 0.01).},
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