@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11460,
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	  abstract     = {An inflation–extension test with human vena cava
inferior was performed with the aim to fit a material model. The vein
was modeled as a thick–walled tube loaded by internal pressure and
axial force. The material was assumed to be an incompressible
hyperelastic fiber reinforced continuum. Fibers are supposed to be
arranged in two families of anti–symmetric helices. Considered
anisotropy corresponds to local orthotropy. Used strain energy
density function was based on a concept of limiting strain
extensibility. The pressurization was comprised by four pre–cycles
under physiological venous loading (0 – 4kPa) and four cycles under
nonphysiological loading (0 – 21kPa). Each overloading cycle was
performed with different value of axial weight. Overloading data
were used in regression analysis to fit material model. Considered
model did not fit experimental data so good. Especially predictions
of axial force failed. It was hypothesized that due to
nonphysiological values of loading pressure and different values of
axial weight the material was not preconditioned enough and some
damage occurred inside the wall. A limiting fiber extensibility
parameter Jm was assumed to be in relation to supposed damage.
Each of overloading cycles was fitted separately with different values
of Jm. Other parameters were held the same. This approach turned out
to be successful. Variable value of Jm can describe changes in the
axial force – axial stretch response and satisfy pressure – radius
dependence simultaneously.},
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