@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/11265,
	  title     = {Preservation of Natural and Historical Values in Sustainable Architecture of Creative Tourism Complex of Aab-Ask, Iran},
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	  abstract     = {Studying literature theme in the fields of tourism and
sustainable development and its importance in today world and their
criteria in architecture, here in this article we will also study the area
where the selected site is located; beside the Aab-Ask Village located
in Larijan region in Mazandaran province on the way to Haraz – one
of the tourism routes of Iran. After these studies by analyzing the
site, its strong potentials – such as mineral water springs (hot
springs), geothermal, landscapes and ideal climate - as a tourist
attraction spot in the region, and considering sustainable
development criteria – with regard to limits and available facilities –
a plan was offered that could change the region to provide the needs
of local people and in addition change it to a place where tourism
services is offered to the visitors and make it an acceptable sample of
stable building in Iran. Finally the reason to make design for this
complex is recovery of natural and historical values of Aab-Ask area
regarding development and sustainable architecture criteria in the
form of a functional sample which can be a suitable place to fulfill
this goal for having lots of strong points in attracting cultural and
sustainable tourist.},
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