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	  abstract     = {This paper present the study carried out of accident
analysis, black spot study and to develop accident predictive models
based on the data collected at rural roadway, Federal Route 50 (F050)
Malaysia. The road accident trends and black spot ranking were
established on the F050. The development of the accident prediction
model will concentrate in Parit Raja area from KM 19 to KM 23.
Multiple non-linear regression method was used to relate the discrete
accident data with the road and traffic flow explanatory variable. The
dependent variable was modeled as the number of crashes namely
accident point weighting, however accident point weighting have
rarely been account in the road accident prediction Models. The result
show that, the existing number of major access points, without traffic
light, rise in speed, increasing number of Annual Average Daily
Traffic (AADT), growing number of motorcycle and motorcar and
reducing the time gap are the potential contributors of increment
accident rates on multiple rural roadway.},
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