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	  abstract     = {To investigate the applicability of the EDR-2 film for
clinical radiation dosimetry, percentage depth-doses, profiles and
distributions in open and dynamically wedged fields were measured
using film and compared with data from a Treatment Planning
system.The validity of the EDR2 film to measure dose in a plane
parallel to the beam was tested by irradiating 10 cm×10 cm and 4
cm×4 cm fields from a Siemens, primus linac with a 6MV beam and
a source-to-surface distance of 100 cm. The film was placed
Horizontally between solid water phantom blocks and marked
with pin holes at a depth of 10 cm from the incident beam surface.
The film measurement results, in absolute dose, were compared with
ion chamber measurements using a Welhoffer scanning water tank
system and Treatment Planning system. Our results indicate a
maximum underestimate of calculated dose of 8 % with Treatment
Planning system.},
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