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	  country	= {},
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	  abstract     = {A analysis on the conventional the blood pressure estimation method using an oscillometric sphygmomanometer was
performed through a computer simulation using an arterial pressure-volume (APV) model. Traditionally, the maximum amplitude algorithm (MAP) was applied on the oscillation waveforms of the APV model to obtain the mean arterial pressure and the characteristic ratio. The estimation of mean arterial pressure and
characteristic ratio was significantly affected with the shape of the blood pressure waveforms and the cutoff frequency of high-pass filter
(HPL) circuitry. Experimental errors are due to these effects when estimating blood pressure. To find out an algorithm independent from
the influence of waveform shapes and parameters of HPL, the volume
oscillation of the APV model and the phase shift of the oscillation with fast fourier transform (FFT) were testified while increasing the cuff
pressure from 1 mmHg to 200 mmHg (1 mmHg per second). The phase shift between the ranges of volume oscillation was then only observed between the systolic and the diastolic blood pressures. The same results were also obtained from the simulations performed on two different the arterial blood pressure waveforms and one
hyperthermia waveform.},
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