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	  abstract     = {There are a many of needs for the development of
SiC-based hydrogen sensor for harsh environment applications. We
fabricated and investigated Pd/Ta2O5/SiC-based hydrogen sensors
with MOS capacitor structure for high temperature process monitoring
and leak detection applications in such automotive, chemical and
petroleum industries as well as direct monitoring of combustion
processes. In this work, we used silicon carbide (SiC) as a substrate to
replace silicon which operating temperatures are limited to below
200°C. Tantalum oxide was investigated as dielectric layer which has
high permeability for hydrogen gas and high dielectric permittivity,
compared with silicon dioxide or silicon nitride. Then, electrical
response properties, such as I-V curve and dependence of capacitance
on hydrogen concentrations were analyzed in the temperature ranges
of room temperature to 500°C for performance evaluation of the
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