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	  abstract     = {Smoke discharging is a main reason of air pollution
problem from industrial plants. The obstacle of a building has an
affect with the air pollutant discharge. In this research, a mathematical
model of the smoke dispersion from two sources and one source with
a structural obstacle is considered. The governing equation of the
model is an isothermal mass transfer model in a viscous fluid. The
finite element method is used to approximate the solutions of the
model. The triangular linear elements have been used for discretising
the domain, and time integration has been carried out by semi-implicit
finite difference method. The simulations of smoke dispersion in
cases of one chimney and two chimneys are presented. The maximum
calculated smoke concentration of both cases are compared. It is then
used to make the decision for smoke discharging and air pollutant
control problems on industrial area.},
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