@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10696,
	  title     = {Epidemiology of Waterborne Diarrhoeal Diseases among Children Aged 6-36 Months Old in Busia - Western Kenya},
	  author    = {D. M. Onyango and  P. O. Angienda},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the
epidemiology of waterborne diarrhoeal among children aged 6-36
months old in Busia town, western Kenya. The study was carried out
between Feb. 2008 and Feb. 2010. Cases of diarrhoea reported in 385
households were linked to household water handling practices. A
mother with a child of 6-36 months old was also included in the
study. Diarrhoea prevalence among children 6-36 months was 16.7%
in Busia town, Bwamani (19.6%) and Mayenje (10.6%) clustered in
Mayenje sub-location reported the highest and the lowest prevalence
of diarrhoea. There was a positive correlation between the prevalence
of diarrhoea in children and the level of the mother-s education,
29.9% (n= 100). Diarrhoea cases decreased in range from 35.5% (n
=102) to 4.8% (n= 16), corresponding to increase in age from 6-35
months on average. In conclusion, prevalence of diarrhoea in
children of 6-36 months old was 16.7% in Busia town. This was
higher in children whose mother-s age was below 18 years and with
low level of education, the rate decreased with increase in age of
children. Prevalence of diarrhoea in children aged 6-36months in
households was higher in children aged 6-17 and 36 months and
whose mothers were less educated and fell between the ages of 18-24
years. The Influence of human activities at the main source of
drinking water on the prevalence of diarrhoea in these children was
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