%0 Journal Article
	%A Khin Thanda Soe
	%D 2008
	%J International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
	%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
	%I Open Science Index 18, 2008
	%T Increasing Lifetime of Target Tracking Wireless Sensor Networks
	%U https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10675
	%V 18
	%X A model to identify the lifetime of target tracking
wireless sensor network is proposed. The model is a static clusterbased
architecture and aims to provide two factors. First, it is to
increase the lifetime of target tracking wireless sensor network.
Secondly, it is to enable good localization result with low energy
consumption for each sensor in the network. The model consists of
heterogeneous sensors and each sensing member node in a cluster
uses two operation modes–active mode and sleep mode. The
performance results illustrate that the proposed architecture consumes
less energy and increases lifetime than centralized and dynamic
clustering architectures, for target tracking sensor network.
	%P 1128 - 1133