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	  abstract     = {This paper presents design and characterization of a
microaccelerometer designated for integration into cataract surgical
probe to detect hardness of different eye tissues during cataract
surgery. Soft posterior lens capsule of eye can be easily damaged in
comparison with hard opaque lens since the surgeon can not see
directly behind cutting needle during the surgery. Presence of
microsensor helps the surgeon to avoid rupturing posterior lens
capsule which if occurs leads to severe complications such as
glaucoma, infection, or even blindness. The microsensor having
overall dimensions of 480 μm x 395 μm is able to deliver significant
capacitance variations during encountered vibration situations which
makes it capable to distinguish between different types of tissue.
Integration of electronic components on chip ensures high level of
reliability and noise immunity while minimizes space and power
requirements. Physical characteristics and results on performance
testing, proves integration of microsensor as an effective tool to aid
the surgeon during this procedure.},
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