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	  abstract     = {Dynamic of phytoplankton blooms in the Baltic Sea
has been analyzed applying the numerical ecosystem model 3D
CEMBS. The model consists of the hydrodynamic model (POP,
version 2.1) and the ice model (CICE, version 4.0), which are
imposed by the atmospheric data model (DATM7). The 3D
model has an ecosystem module, activated in 2012 in the operational
mode. The ecosystem model consists of 11 main variables: biomass
of small-size phytoplankton and large-size phytoplankton
and cyanobacteria, zooplankton biomass, dissolved and molecular
detritus, dissolved oxygen concentration, as well as concentrations of
nutrients, including: nitrates, ammonia, phosphates and silicates. The
3D-CEMBS model is an effective tool for solving problems related to
phytoplankton blooms dynamic in the Baltic Sea},
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