@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10516,
	  title     = {A Novel Low Power, High Speed 14 Transistor CMOS Full Adder Cell with 50% Improvement in Threshold Loss Problem},
	  author    = {T. Vigneswaran and  B. Mukundhan and  P. Subbarami Reddy},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Full adders are important components in applications
such as digital signal processors (DSP) architectures and
microprocessors. In addition to its main task, which is adding two
numbers, it participates in many other useful operations such as
subtraction, multiplication, division,, address calculation,..etc. In
most of these systems the adder lies in the critical path that
determines the overall speed of the system. So enhancing the
performance of the 1-bit full adder cell (the building block of the
adder) is a significant goal.Demands for the low power VLSI have
been pushing the development of aggressive design methodologies to
reduce the power consumption drastically. To meet the growing
demand, we propose a new low power adder cell by sacrificing the
MOS Transistor count that reduces the serious threshold loss
problem, considerably increases the speed and decreases the power
when compared to the static energy recovery full (SERF) adder. So a
new improved 14T CMOS l-bit full adder cell is presented in this
paper. Results show 50% improvement in threshold loss problem,
45% improvement in speed and considerable power consumption
over the SERF adder and other different types of adders with
comparable performance.},
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