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	  abstract     = {Skyline extraction in mountainous images can be used
for navigation of vehicles or UAV(unmanned air vehicles), but it is
very hard to extract skyline shape because of clutters like clouds, sea
lines and field borders in images. We developed the edge-based
skyline extraction algorithm using a proposed multistage edge filtering
(MEF) technique. In this method, characteristics of clutters in the
image are first defined and then the lines classified as clutters are
eliminated by stages using the proposed MEF technique. After this
processing, we select the last line using skyline measures among the
remained lines. This proposed algorithm is robust under severe
environments with clutters and has even good performance for
infrared sensor images with a low resolution. We tested this proposed
algorithm for images obtained in the field by an infrared camera and
confirmed that the proposed algorithm produced a better performance
and faster processing time than conventional algorithms.},
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