@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10409,
	  title     = {A High-Speed Multiplication Algorithm Using Modified Partial Product Reduction Tree},
	  author    = {P. Asadee},
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	  abstract     = {Multiplication algorithms have considerable effect on
processors performance. A new high-speed, low-power
multiplication algorithm has been presented using modified Dadda
tree structure. Three important modifications have been implemented
in inner product generation step, inner product reduction step and
final addition step. Optimized algorithms have to be used into basic
computation components, such as multiplication algorithms. In this
paper, we proposed a new algorithm to reduce power, delay, and
transistor count of a multiplication algorithm implemented using low
power modified counter. This work presents a novel design for
Dadda multiplication algorithms. The proposed multiplication
algorithm includes structured parts, which have important effect on
inner product reduction tree. In this paper, a 1.3V, 64-bit carry hybrid
adder is presented for fast, low voltage applications. The new 64-bit
adder uses a new circuit to implement the proposed carry hybrid
adder. The new adder using 80 nm CMOS technology has been
implemented on 700 MHz clock frequency. The proposed
multiplication algorithm has achieved 14 percent improvement in
transistor count, 13 percent reduction in delay and 12 percent
modification in power consumption in compared with conventional
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