@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10372,
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	  abstract     = {Healthcare providers sometimes use the power of
humor as a treatment and therapy for buffering mental health or easing
mental disorders because humor can provide relief from distress and
conflict. Humor is also very suitable for advertising because of similar
benefits. This study carefully examines humor's widespread use in
advertising and identifies relationships among humor mechanisms,
female depictions, and product types. The purpose is to conceptualize
how humor theories can be used not only to successfully define a
product as fitting within one of four color categories of the product
color matrix, but also to identify compelling contemporary female
depictions through humor in ads. The results can offer an idealization
for marketing managers and consumers to help them understand how
female role depictions can be effectively used with humor in ads. The
four propositions developed herein are derived from related literature,
through the identification of marketing strategy formulations that
achieve product memory enhancement by adopting humor
mechanisms properly matched with female role depictions.},
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