@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10227,
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	  abstract     = {In this study, effects of EGR on CO and HC emissions
of a dual fuel HCCI-DI engine are investigated. Tests were
conducted on a single-cylinder variable compression ratio (VCR)
diesel engine with compression ratio of 17.5. Premixed gasoline is
provided by a carburetor connected to intake manifold and equipped
with a screw to adjust premixed air-fuel ratio, and diesel fuel is
injected directly into the cylinder through an injector at pressure of
250 bars. A heater placed at inlet manifold is used to control the
intake charge temperature. Optimal intake charge temperature was
110-115ºC due to better formation of a homogeneous mixture
causing HCCI combustion. Timing of diesel fuel injection has a great
effect on stratification of in-cylinder charge in HCCI combustion.
Experiments indicated 35 BTDC as the optimum injection timing.
Coolant temperature was maintained 50ºC during the tests. Results
show that increasing engine speed at a constant EGR rate leads to
increase in CO and UHC emissions due to the incomplete
combustion caused by shorter combustion duration and less
homogeneous mixture. Results also show that increasing EGR
reduces the amount of oxygen and leads to incomplete combustion
and therefore increases CO emission due to lower combustion
temperature. HC emission also increases as a result of lower
combustion temperatures.},
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