@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10184,
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	  abstract     = {Web usage mining is an interesting application of data
mining which provides insight into customer behaviour on the Internet. An important technique to discover user access and navigation trails is based on sequential patterns mining. One of the
key challenges for web access patterns mining is tackling the problem
of mining richly structured patterns. This paper proposes a novel
model called Web Access Patterns Graph (WAP-Graph) to represent all of the access patterns from web mining graphically. WAP-Graph
also motivates the search for new structural relation patterns, i.e. Concurrent Access Patterns (CAP), to identify and predict more
complex web page requests. Corresponding CAP mining and modelling methods are proposed and shown to be effective in the
search for and representation of concurrency between access patterns
on the web. From experiments conducted on large-scale synthetic
sequence data as well as real web access data, it is demonstrated that
CAP mining provides a powerful method for structural knowledge discovery, which can be visualised through the CAP-Graph model.},
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