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	  abstract     = {Quantitative trait loci (QTL) experiments have yielded
important biological and biochemical information necessary for
understanding the relationship between genetic markers and
quantitative traits. For many years, most QTL algorithms only
allowed one observation per genotype. Recently, there has been an
increasing demand for QTL algorithms that can accommodate more
than one observation per genotypic distribution. The Bayesian
hierarchical model is very flexible and can easily incorporate this
information into the model. Herein a methodology is presented that
uses a Bayesian hierarchical model to capture the complexity of the
data. Furthermore, the Markov chain Monte Carlo model composition
(MC3) algorithm is used to search and identify important markers. An
extensive simulation study illustrates that the method captures the
true QTL, even under nonnormal noise and up to 6 QTL.},
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