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	  abstract     = {The current study couples a quasi-steady Vortex Lattice
Method and a camber correcting technique, ‘Decambering’ for
unsteady post-stall flow prediction. The wake is force-free and
discrete such that the wake lattices move with the free-stream once
shed from the wing. It is observed that the time-averaged unsteady
coefficient of lift sees a relative drop at post-stall angles of attack
in comparison to its steady counterpart for some angles of attack.
Multiple solutions occur at post-stall and three different algorithms
to choose solutions in these regimes show both unsteadiness and
non-convergence of the iterations. The distribution of coefficient of
lift on the wing span also shows sawtooth. Distribution of vorticity
changes both along span and in the direction of the free-stream as
the wake develops over time with distinct roll-up, which increases
with time.},
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