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	  abstract     = {The tribological tests were performed on a new
tribometer, in order to measure the coefficient of friction of a gland
seal packing material on stainless steel shafts in presence of Cellulose
Nanocrystal (CNC) suspension as a sustainable, environmentally
friendly, water-based lubricant. To simulate the real situation from the
slurry pumps, silica sands were used as slurry particles. The surface
profiles after tests were measured by interferometer microscope to
characterize the surface wear. Moreover, the coefficient of friction
and surface wear were measured between stainless steel shaft and
chrome steel ball to investigate the tribological effects of CNC in
boundary lubrication region. Alignment of nanoparticles in the CNC suspensions are the
main reason for friction and wear reduction. The homogeneous
concentrated suspensions showed fingerprint patterns of a chiral
nematic liquid crystal. These properties made CNC a very good
lubricant additive in water.},
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