@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10008680,
	  title     = {Performance Assessment of Multi-Level Ensemble for Multi-Class Problems},
	  author    = {Rodolfo Lorbieski and  Silvia Modesto Nassar},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Many supervised machine learning tasks require
decision making across numerous different classes. Multi-class
classification has several applications, such as face recognition, text
recognition and medical diagnostics. The objective of this article is
to analyze an adapted method of Stacking in multi-class problems,
which combines ensembles within the ensemble itself. For this
purpose, a training similar to Stacking was used, but with three
levels, where the final decision-maker (level 2) performs its training
by combining outputs from the tree-based pair of meta-classifiers
(level 1) from Bayesian families. These are in turn trained by pairs
of base classifiers (level 0) of the same family. This strategy seeks to
promote diversity among the ensembles forming the meta-classifier
level 2. Three performance measures were used: (1) accuracy, (2)
area under the ROC curve, and (3) time for three factors: (a)
datasets, (b) experiments and (c) levels. To compare the factors,
ANOVA three-way test was executed for each performance measure,
considering 5 datasets by 25 experiments by 3 levels. A triple
interaction between factors was observed only in time. The accuracy
and area under the ROC curve presented similar results, showing
a double interaction between level and experiment, as well as for
the dataset factor. It was concluded that level 2 had an average
performance above the other levels and that the proposed method
is especially efficient for multi-class problems when compared to
binary problems.},
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