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	  abstract     = {Healthcare delivery systems around the world are in
crisis. The need to improve health outcomes while decreasing
healthcare costs have led to an imminent call to action to transform
the healthcare delivery system. While Bioinformatics and Biomedical
Engineering have primarily focused on biological level data and
biomedical technology, there is clear evidence of the importance
of the delivery of care on patient outcomes. Classic singular
decomposition approaches from reductionist science are not capable
of explaining complex systems. Approaches and methods from
systems science and systems engineering are utilized to structure
healthcare delivery system data. Specifically, systems architecture is
used to develop a multi-scale and multi-dimensional characterization
of the healthcare delivery system, defined here as the Healthcare
Delivery System Knowledge Base. This paper is the first to contribute
a new method of structuring and visualizing a multi-dimensional and
multi-scale healthcare delivery system using systems architecture in
order to better understand healthcare delivery.},
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