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	  abstract     = {The rich Islamic resources related to religious text,
Islamic sciences, and history are widely available in print and in
electronic format online. However, most of these works are only
available in Arabic language. In this research, an attempt is made
to utilize these resources to create interactive web applications in
Arabic, English and other languages. The system utilizes the Pattern
Recognition, Knowledge Management, Data Mining, Information
Retrieval and Management, Indexing, storage and data-analysis
techniques to parse, store, convert and manage the information from
authentic Arabic resources. These interactive web Apps provide
smart multi-lingual search, tree based search, on-demand information
matching and linking. In this paper, we provide details of application
architecture, design, implementation and technologies employed. We
also presented the summary of web applications already developed.
We have also included some screen shots from the corresponding web
sites. These web applications provide an Innovative On-line Learning
Systems (eLearning and computer based education).},
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