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	  abstract     = {The purpose of this research is to analyze the gait
strategy between the normal and loaded gait. To this end, five male
participants satisfied two conditions: the normal and loaded gait
(backpack load 25.2 kg). As expected, results showed that additional
loads elicited not a proportional increase in vertical and shear ground
reaction force (GRF) parameters but also increase of the impulse,
momentum and mechanical work. However, in case of the loaded gait,
the time duration of the double support phase was increased
unexpectedly. It is because the double support phase which is more
stable than the single support phase can reduce instability of the
loaded gait. Also, the directions of the pre-collision and after-collision
were moved upward and downward compared to the normal gait. As a
result, regardless of the additional backpack load, the
impulse-momentum diagram during the step-to-step transition was
maintained such as the normal gait. It means that human walk
efficiently to keep stability and minimize total net works in case of the
loaded gait.},
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