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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The paper deals with finding and describing of the
effective marketing communication forms relating to the segment
50+ in the financial market in the Czech Republic. The segment 50+
can be seen as a great marketing potential in the future but
unfortunately the Czech financial institutions haven´t still reacted
enough to this fact and they haven´t prepared appropriate marketing
programs for this customers´ segment. Demographic aging is a
fundamental characteristic of the current European population
evolution but the perspective of further population aging is more
noticeable in the Czech Republic. This paper is based on data from
one part of primary marketing research. Paper determinates the basic
problem areas as well as definition of marketing communication in
the financial market, defining the primary research problem,
hypothesis and primary research methodology. Finally suitable
marketing communication approach to selected sub-segment at age of
50-60 years is proposed according to marketing research findings.},
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