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	  abstract     = {The aim of present research was to study of the
relationship between emotional intelligence, perceived stress, positive
religious coping with psychological distress to in a sample of
undergraduate students in Polytechnic University in Kabul. One
hundred and fifty-tow students (102 male, 50 female) were included
in this study. All participants completed the Emotional Intelligence
Scale (EIS), General Health Questionnaire (GHQ 12), Perceived
Stress Scale (PSS-10), and the Brief RCOPE. The results revealed
that EI was negatively associated with perceived stress and
psychological distress. Also emotional intelligence was positively
correlated with positive religious coping. Perceived stress was
positive related with psychological distress and negatively correlated
with positive religious coping. Eventually positive religious coping
was significantly and negatively correlated with psychological
distress. However, emotional intelligence and positive religious
coping could influence on mental health.},
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